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ditional [[pagename|link text]]. [[doku>pagename|Wiki pagenames]] are converted to lowercase automatica... s is a link to Wikipedia's page about Wikis: [[wp>Wiki]]. DokuWiki supports [[doku>Interwiki]] links.... s is a link to Wikipedia's page about Wikis: [[wp>Wiki]]. ==== Windows Shares ==== Windows shares like... es]] (see below) like this: [[|{{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png}}]] [[|{{wiki:dok
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====== DokuWiki ====== [[doku>wiki:dokuwiki|{{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png }}]] DokuWiki is a simple to use and highly versatile Open Source [[wp>wiki]] software that doesn't require a database. It is loved by users for its clean and readable [[wiki:syntax]]. The ease of maintenance, backup and int
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o your new DokuWiki ====== Congratulations, your wiki is now up and running. Here are a few more tips t... lopers ===== Create your first pages ===== Your wiki needs to have a start page. As long as it doesn't... th using the syntax you can always refer to the [[wiki:syntax|syntax page]]. You might also want to use... templates support sidebars. ===== Customize your Wiki ===== Once you're comfortable with creating and
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\ [[blog:start|Blog]]\\ [[links:start|Links]]\\ [[wiki:syntax|Wiki syntax]]\\ [[playground:playground|Playground]]\\ [[impressum|Impressum]]\\ == Pagequery == {{pagequery>^:wiki ^:playground ^:leftsidebar *; display={title}; so
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ung spezialisiert * [[]] == Pyranometer == * [[http://ww... m]] * Wikipedia dazu [[| Deutsch]] | [[|Englisch]] * [[http://www.pmodwrc.c
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nterhaltungselektronik === * [[|Hifi-Wiki]]\\ Eine umfassende Datenbank mit Informationen zu Audio- und Hifi-Geräten sowie deren te... angreiche Liste mit Händlern. Derzeit umfasst das Wiki ca. 10.000 Einträge. * [[http://www.radiomuseum
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de/]] * [[]] == Wiki == * [[]] === Foren === == Allgemein == * [[http://diekleinemodellwe
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bl/| Arduino als GRBL interpreter ]] * [[ | Programme die G-Code erzeugen ]] {{tag